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Wordless Wednesday – Choosing a Blogging Platform


I’m asked quite frequently by aspiring bloggers which blogging platform they should go with. I always tell the that it depends on their goals for their new blog. I recently came across this infographic (I really love infographics) that really helps shed some light on the subject. As you will see below, choosing the right platform depends on what you …

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Post Planner: Makes Facebook Not So Scarey


Does posting to your Facebook page totally stress you out? You know you need to come up with creative and engaging posts however you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.   Post Planner is here to save you. Post Planner is a Facebook scheduling tool which is an app right within Facebook. It’s relatively simple to set up and the Post …

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How to Blog: Ins and Outs


Some quick stats, 45% of the internet community is presently blogging and it’s estimated that by the 2015 that this percentage will increase to 58%. There is a market out there that loves to use this channel to converse with friends, businesses, and shoppers. So what’s a blog, how does it work and what does it all mean? Blogs = Have …

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Affiliate Marketing: An Introduction

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a portion of the e-commerce and marketing realm, having emerged with the advent of the internet in the 1990’s. This type of marketing has fast become one of the most easily employed and simultaneously lucrative forms of marketing within the industry. It is a million dollar business, however it only holds a small place in the booming …

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Blogger Spotlight – Chris Thomas


Welcome to the Blogger Spotlight post. Each week I will feature a different blogger and share a little about them, their blog and their success. If you are a blogger and/or author and would like to be considered for the Blogger Spotlight, please contact me for more information. Q: Tell the readers a little about yourself and your blog. My …

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