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I’ve been playing in the online marketing game for over 5 years. During this time, I’ve experimented with many, many different types of strategies to increase web traffic to my sites and blogs. I’ve always know that the key to making money online is to increase the traffic to your site and once they are there, convert them to the buyers.

I have applied SEO (search engine optimization) strategies as well as pay per click promotions. However, I have found that implementing a plan I call the trifecta will get you the quickest increase in traffic.

#1 Write Great Blog Posts

You have to write great blog posts. These posts need to be informational and provide a ton of value to the reader. Your website or blog is the hub of your business and that is where your great content needs to sit. Not every blog post has to be a 300 word article. You can create infographics, videos or a summary of some interesting news articles on a particular topic.

Creating different types of posts also keeps your site interesting.

#2 Be Engaging on Social Media

Especially if your site is brand spanking new you need to be involved in social media in order to bring awareness to your and your business. Getting involved with social media marketing is a great way to engage with people who are interested in what you have to say or your products and services. However, you just post for the sake of posting.

The key to a successful social media campaign is to give your followers what THEY want not what you want. This is the biggest stumbling block I have seen with blog and business owners. Remember, it’s not about YOU. In social media marketing, it’s best to follow the 90/10 rule. Which means that 90% of your posts are motivational, inspirational and informational with 10% being promotional (sharing your blog posts, promoting your products, services or affiliate products).

Online users are bombarded with some many ads, that they have learned to block out ads. So for that reason is why you need to get creative and create social media posts that will bring them to your Facebook page. Once they are there, they will learn what you’re all about and make up their own mind to check you out further.

#3 Email Marketing

You’ve already heard me say this…Email marketing is not dead. In fact, with the enormous growth in social media email marketing is a great way to get in front of your audience. People do receive a ton of email on a daily basis BUT your email newsletter or message will sit in their mailbox until they delete it.

Additionally, it’s easier to sell to people that have said they are interested what you have to say and have signed up for your mailing list versus going after brand new readers. Creating a consistent email campaign will also make sure that you stay on their mind. Perhaps they saw your Facebook post but don’t have time to check out at the moment. But when they receive your newsletter, they can open it when they have time to read it.

In both of my business and with my blogs, I have found that when you combine these three tactics they work very well for driving traffic to your blog or website and increasing awareness. This tactic is extremely useful for a new site that won’t be in organic search results right away. I have also found that just focusing on one or two of these won’t give you the results you are wanting. It’s when all three are combined is when things really start to get interesting. Hence the name, The Trifecta.

What about you? What online marketing strategies have you found for increasing your traffic.

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  1. Hey there I couldn’t find a twitter account on your site, could you reply with a link?

  2. Joe Bloggs11-23-2014

    Cindy, What an informative post, thanks!

    • Cindy Buccieri11-23-2014

      An informative post is one that provides information or education on a particular topic. It is not promotional at all. A “how to” or product review are types of posts that I consider to be informative.

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