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Google Helpouts

google helpoutsI just recently learned about Google’s new service called Google Helpouts. Google explains Helpouts,

“Helpouts is an easy and convenient way to get help over live video. No matter who you are, where you are, or what time it is, you can talk to someone who can help you.”

Basically, Helpouts provide you with the tools to conduct live video chats for either a session price or a per minute charge. Helpouts connects your webcam through Google+ Hangout so you can interact with participant.  Payments are then processed through Google Wallet.

You can either choose to set the times you are available for live video chats or the participant can schedule a time to chat with you.  Google explains,

“During the session, the participant can point your camera to show what they need help with. For example, they can point your camera at a broken appliance or their fingers trying to play the guitar. If they don’t want you to be able to see them, they can always turn off your camera.”

Helpouts is a great way to monetize your skills or offer an additional aspect to video conferencing you are already doing. For those already using Google+ Hangouts, this offers a great way to now charge for face-to-face instruction or consulting.

For those who want a crash course of how to use Google Helpouts, Internet marketer Joel Comm created a video training course with over 36 videos to how to get started and generate from an income from your Helpouts. Learn more about Joel’s course Helpouts Profits Video Course.

Here’s an overview of how Helpouts work:

  1. Wait for an invitation code
  2. Create your Helpouts Marketplace listing
  3. Schedule an Interview with a Helpouts Rep
  4. Make Your Listing Go LIVE

google helpouts example

So if you have advice or a skill to offer and you want to monetize it, then you should definitely check out Google Helpouts. If you have used Google Helpouts as a participant or a provider, please post a comment and share your experience.


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