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Automation is Your Friend

Automation Is Your Friend

Without online automation tools, I would be extremely overwhelmed and bogged down in day-to-day online marketing tasks. I have come across many businesses out there that have no automation tools in place. When I see this, I wonder how they are able to manage their business. I want to share with you my favorite automation tools. Social Media Automation – …

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How to Write a Great Blog Post

How To Write A Great Blog Post

It is undeniable that blogs have become a cornerstone of 21st century communication, but countless writers fail to grasp the concept of outreach defined by this medium.  This useful guide explains the key aspects of a successful blog post. Grab Attention The prevalence of entertainment on the Web leads to tough competition, so hit readers with a hook that will …

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Have a Blog Post Brain Dump


How many times have you been driving and get a great idea for a blog post? But then you don’t write it down and the idea is gone – poof just like that. Then you try and wrack your brain trying to remember what it was.  Gone…never to return. Getting older really sucks! Anyway, a strategy that works for me …

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Content Marketing is King Infographic

Content Marketing Is King Infographic

If you still aren’t sure if content marketing is just a trend, check out this infographic and see that it’s here to stay. With the rise of content marketing, more opportunities are coming available for bloggers, copy writers, virtual assistants. More and more businesses are in need of skilled writers to ensure that their company stays competitive.   Where do you …

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Blogging?

Attracting Readers

Becoming a good blogger often seems difficult when you look at your competition. The truth is that every blog started just like yours. The only difference is that your competitors have been around longer. Fortunately, you can use some tips utilized by other bloggers to improve the way you relate to your readers. Readers love consistency Don’t leave your followers …

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