4 Ways to Engage Readers with Exciting Blog Content

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Are you wondering about the surefire ways to engage your clients with better, more exciting blog content? Follow these tips for blog success:

1. Write a Killer Headline

Without a killer headline, nobody will click on the blog post to read the rest. Take time to write a headline. A good rule of thumb is to write the headline last, not first. Also, even boring topics can have interesting headlines, so don’t be discouraged by humdrum content ideas.

2. Look For a Gap in Content

Your general topic may have been written about a million times, but what aspect of the subject seems to be missing. For example, if you’re writing content about personal loans, a list of ways to get personal loans is way too generic. How about diving deeper into one of those ways to really hash out the details? Or, write a piece about the latest loan scams and how to avoid them.

3. Word on the Street

One of the quickest ways to do this is to see what’s trending on Twitter. If you can add to whatever it is that already has people’s attention, you’re sure to see audience engagement. Remember to go a bit heavy on SEO, so long as you can do it in a way that reads naturally.

4. Invite Readers

At the end of the blog post, invite readers to keep the conversation going. Include buttons for readers to share the post across various social media platforms. Make sure there’s a comment section for feedback.

In the end, trial and error is the true test for your blog. Stick with what works, change what isn’t working and feel out your blog for the best possible content and marketing strategies. Just give each new trial a bit of time – you may not see a difference within a day or two, but you should start noticing a change after a few weeks.

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