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I work with business consultants, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers who want to start an online business or move their offline business to the internet. For many this is uncharted territory that can be overwhelming and challenging.

What’s Here for You

I’m giving you my 20+ years of internet experience in easy to follow programs, training guides and workshops. We breakdown complicated technical elements and cut through all of that internet jargon so that it’s easy for you to add it to your online business toolbox.

Strategies include:

  • Blogging and content creation
  • Email marketing tools and strategies
  • Social Media network setup and management
  • Process automation
  • WordPress setup and management
  • Online product creation and publication
  • Outsourcing
  • And so much more…

Don’t Put if Off Any Longer

You know you need to implement these strategies so you can have the online business you’ve been dreaming about. So don’t keep putting it off waiting for the right time. The right time is now…

I will…

  • Develop an online strategy that works for you and feels right
  • Show you tools and tips to make your life easier
  • Create an easy to follow road map so you don’t get lost along the way
  • Develop a plan that work with a time line you’re comfortable with

Learn more about me and my experience here.

If you are ready to kick your online business goals into high gear, then let’s get started.

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Video Blog: Putting Yourself Out There

  In this video, I share with you to not be afraid to put yourself out there. Share a picture of yourself and a little about who you are, your passion and why you love sharing your message with your readers on your blog. I have come across so many blogs that have an anonymous […]

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My Love Affair with Time Blocking

As a small business owner, I am responsible for doing it all. The marketing, the billing, the hiring, and the day to day activities all which are needed to keep the business going. On a daily basis, all of this can be extremely overwhelming. Without finding a way to tackle everything, will result in you become overwhelmed […]

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Have a Blog Post Brain Dump

How many times have you been driving and get a great idea for a blog post? But then you don’t write it down and the idea is gone – poof just like that. Then you try and wrack your brain trying to remember what it was.  Gone…never to return. Getting older really sucks! Anyway, a […]

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Automation is Your Friend

Without online automation tools, I would be extremely overwhelmed and bogged down in day-to-day online marketing tasks. I have come across many businesses out there that have no automation tools in place. When I see this, I wonder how they are able to manage their business. I want to share with you my favorite automation […]

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10 Benefits of Hiring A Social Media Agency

A Social media agency is not just an agency but a destination where your business can grow and breathe better. It is a place where your business meets professional hands to get your goals accomplished with in set time frame. With increasing use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others, social media […]

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In this video Steve Dotto teaches you how to how to schedule posts in the Hootsuite for social media management. Hootsuite is a social media dashboard, which allows you to connect all of your social media networks and post to all of them at once. Hootsuite is a life line to my business. I’m able […]

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