Ignite Your Light Group Mentoring Program
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Illuminate and Share Your Gifts with the World!


I work with those who are called to start and run a conscious minded business.  For many this is uncharted territory that can be overwhelming and challenging.  

What’s Here for You

spiritual business 

As an intuitive I understand how important it is to create a conscious minded business that is authentic, service based and is something you can feel good about.

How I Can Help:

  • Intuitive guidance

  • Learning to receive

  • Conscious minded business consulting

  • Guidance on being authentic

  • Group and one-on-one guidance

  • And so much more…

Start Sharing Your Gifts

For those who want to make a difference and serve others, you can have the service business you’ve been dreaming about. You can use your special gifts to help and heal others. The right time to share your light is now…

I will help you…

  • Identify your special gifts

  • Remove blocks

  • Develop a conscious minded business that is authentic and feels right

  • Create an easy to follow road map so you don’t get lost along the way

  • Free 15 minute illumination session

Learn more about my gifts and my experience here.

If you are ready to shine and spread your love with the world, then let’s get started.