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Positive Affirmations

Think Positive

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Top Meditation Resources

Meditation Techniques

Best Meditation Videos / Resources View more lists from Laurie Fino

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Teach a Man to Fish


All of us from one time or another have situations where we feel helpless as though life is controlling us instead of us controlling our destiny.  When you find yourself in these situations that is the time for you to stand up and take back your power and to understand that you do control your destiny. Why do so many of …

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If It Makes Your Heart Sing, Do It!

Listen To Your Intuition

Love, happiness, excitement and anticipation are all feelings that give us a sensation in our bodies. Our hearts beat faster, we get butterflies in our stomach and goose bumps all over our bodies. However, these feels aren’t just reserved for those special moments in our lives. Actually, when we start to pay attention to how we feel in our bodies, …

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Following the Path of Least Resistance

Life Path

What if I told you that the idea that you have to work hard is actually the thing that is holding you back? Really! Each of us has a path and purpose that is our destiny. Whenever we are on that path and fulfilling our destiny everything comes easy to use and life is fulfilling.  Each day is filled with …

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